Alzheimer Care Trainer

A unique approach to Alzheimer care

ACT is training caregivers how to communicate and interact
with people with Alzheimer disease in various stages

Learn or improve your caring skills towards people suffering from Alzheimers’ disease

Create your own personalized
simulation using ACT

  • Enter a virtual 3D home environment adapted to your own personal situation.
  • Customize the simulation according to the specific characteristics of the illness and your coping style.
  • Provide the best individualized care. 

Practice daily care situations

The Alzheimer Care Trainer enables you as caregiver to:

  • Experience ‘real-life’ interactions 
  • Explore and practice multiple caring scenario’s and different coping strategies 
  • In a familiar and risk-free manner
  • At your own pace 
  • Receive feedback and share your experience with other caregivers on the communication platform

Virtual Patient

Being user – virtual caregiver:

  • Walk through the scenarios with your virtual patient before you encounter the person for real
  • Simulate the behavior and preferences of your patient
  • Experience how to manage specific situations in daily care 
  • Learn to cope better with changing behavior throughout the course of the disease


ACT adapts to you and the personal situation you’re in.


Practice real-life scenarios in a safe , risk-free , familiar manner with your virtual patient.

Virtual patient

Simulate the behavior and preferences of the person you care for by means of  the virtual patient.

Benefits for user and patient

  • Enhance interpersonal communication 
  • Adopt pedagogically appropriate behavior
  • Reduce care related stress
  • Improve long-term quality care
  • Stay longer in the familiar surrounding

Stay up-to-date!

AlzheimerCareTrainer was born out of an AAL project.

We are in the transition from a “project” to a “product”.

We would like to get in touch with software entrepreneurs, colleges (nursing training) and investors.